Saturday, April 23, 2011

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Treatboxes For Troops

We we made it to 500 friends/fans last night WOW, I am so blessed! Makes me so happy!!  If you aren't a fan please come by and LIKE our page, we have so many fun things going on, you still have time to enter the Solider Photo Contest, find your sweetest heartwarming Photo and enter it, Voting starts Monday!
CLICK HERE FOR PHOTO CONTEST  After Sunday evening, please come by and vote only once on your favorite photo, comment under it with the word vote!                           

We are doing Daily speed auctions, and are having a big auction to raise money for shipping boxes to the soliders on May lst, and are always looking for vendors to donate any type of good, crafts and such for us to auction off.

If you know a solider that is in need of a treatbox please CLICK HERE
We will get them on the list to send them one.

If you would like to donate items for the treatboxes please contact me and we will talk about what we can use at this time.  Thanks so much!!

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