Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Time For Our September Auction

We work on donations only!  We never charge the Military or their familes for the treatboxes we make and send.  So we have a monthly auction to raise funds to buy the items and then ship the treatboxes!  We have been blessed each month we wonderful sponsors donating their items to us, helping us make a difference in the lives of the military we send the boxes to each month!!
Here are a few things we have up for auction this month

This is just a tiny sample of the items we have Please stop by in the morning and see all that we
will have up for auction
To See all we have in our Auction

Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Auction Started Facebook Treatboxes For Troops

We have many wonderful Items donated to our May Auction on Facebook, It started today and we are hoping for a super grand total to be able to ship many boxes to the soldiers!!  We can only do it with your bids and donations!!

Here are just a few of the things that has been donated to the auction

We have so many more wonderful things to bid one
All Proceeds goes to Ship Treatboxes to the Soldiers, We are supported by raising fund and donations only!!
Thanks and God bless for each one that helps us!

If you would like to make a single donation there is a paypal donation button on the right hand side at the top of the page!! Thanks and please tell all your friends to come by facebook and like our page and bid!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Our Facebook Page

Treatboxes For Troops

We we made it to 500 friends/fans last night WOW, I am so blessed! Makes me so happy!!  If you aren't a fan please come by and LIKE our page, we have so many fun things going on, you still have time to enter the Solider Photo Contest, find your sweetest heartwarming Photo and enter it, Voting starts Monday!
CLICK HERE FOR PHOTO CONTEST  After Sunday evening, please come by and vote only once on your favorite photo, comment under it with the word vote!                           

We are doing Daily speed auctions, and are having a big auction to raise money for shipping boxes to the soliders on May lst, and are always looking for vendors to donate any type of good, crafts and such for us to auction off.

If you know a solider that is in need of a treatbox please CLICK HERE
We will get them on the list to send them one.

If you would like to donate items for the treatboxes please contact me and we will talk about what we can use at this time.  Thanks so much!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Auction Going On Now To Ship Boxes

Well our first auction we made $29.00
so we can ship 2 boxes with that!! 

We have another great auction put on by the dawg team and we need bidders on all that amazing art and other items!!

We need LIKES For our Page, Come on over and Like our page and then go to this album and click on the photos you like then in the comment box just write your bid and name/facebook name, the Auction goes off on April 7th we will send you an invoice if you win!!

Here is our Treatboxes For Troops Page Please come by and LIKE the page and tell your friends to come over too!! We need lots of fans and lots of bidders.

Here is a few of our great items up for auction

There is so many more items so please come by!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Facebook Page

We have a new facebook Page!  Please CLICK HERE to come and see all that we have going on!!  PLEASE LIKE the page lst, ;) We need fans for our page, so please spread the word!

We have one auction in progress right now that needs bids, we still have some items that doens't have a bid on them, 

Here are a few of the items that are on auction now, going off Friday Night. Please bid
Handmade Pink Ribbon Pincushion

Rubber Ducky Soap

Handmade Brooch

To see all that is in this auction Please CLICK HERE and Bid, we have some really great things in this auction.
Auction Ends Friday Night.

We will be having a new Auction Starting Friday Night From the Dawg Team!!
Bidding on this auction starts Friday

All items profit goes for shipping boxes of goodies Treatboxes to the Troops!!
We need your help! Thanks

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Don't Forget To Care, Lest We not Forget!

It's seems so unreal when you hear about the war, and the soliders, until you know someone that is in it!

Over the last year, I have a one special person in Afghanstain, One going to Japan, 2 more in basic and another one on the way.  WOW, talk about a change of thought!!

Well that is the reason I started helping pack these goodie boxes for the troops, to let them know we care and they are not forgotten, but that they are appreciated!!!

It cost 12.50 for one box, and that isn't very big, so we are constantly on the lookout for ways to raise funds for shipping!
Right now we have one auction on facebook

We are looking for donation of Items to auction off, or just donations of any amount for shipping these boxes!  Please help anyway you can!

We will be a Dawg Team Auction soon. 
Please come by the current auction and bid, we need bids!!
Thanks and God Bless You!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Auction To Help Ship Boxes

Help Ship Boxes
I am clearing out my stock and they are on Facebook up for auction, All sales from this auction will help ship boxes to Afghanistan Troops.  We need your help so please bid and bid high, plus tell all your friends!!
Creations & Artbylisak

I will be adding new items daily, the auction will go till March 30th, just place your bid under each photo you want to bid on!