Friday, October 1, 2010

Giving Back To Those that Give to Us

The Treatboxes we are making to send to the troops are just small things to give back to them who are helping to keep our country safe!  We do this to put a smile on their face, to give them a few things they wouldn't other wise have.
With your help and donations you are making this happen!!

Getting Their Bags Ready for Deployment

Troops Preparing to Leave

Just wanted you to get the understanding the are real men that are working in a very dangerous zone protecting our lives!!  Yes by their choice, but for us!  Any support you can give us to send them treatboxes is greatly appreciated by me and by them! I will post any thankyous, photos and etc and they come along! You can send money via paypal or send me an email for my mailing address at HERE.  If you are local and want to help gather certain things please contact me about what we need!!  Shipping boxes cost $12.95 each!  So we need shipping money!  Thanks and many blessings to you!!

We need YOUR STATE's Postcards, blank or you can write a simple little note to them.  We need them please send me some in an envelope!! Just email me here for my address. 


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