Monday, September 20, 2010

Treat Boxes & Post Cards

Made our lst treat box on Friday and Packed it as full as it could be packed in the the USPS $12.50  Priority Flat Rate Box.
So it is on it's way to Joel and his troop.  It takes about 11-14 days, maybe a little quicker, I am axious to find out who quick this one will get there and how good of shape the box is in!! 

       I want to start working on some Halloween Candy Treat Boxes for the troops, so hopefully donations will start coming in pretty quick!!  Everyone loves the candy from Halloween and we know they will be excited to receive these!  So please start those donations rolling in!! You can send me the candy, snacks, etc, or paypal any amount!!  Also please keep in mind every box is $12.50 to ship each one and they are not very big. They are USPS flat rate boxes, so we can get as much poundage as we can in each one, but the size is just not very big!   So please always include some for shipping!! :)

We have to have your help so please start sending us items, NO chocolates, they will melt!!, Money is better for us because we know what will ship well.  Just email me if you want to ship me items to ship and I will tell you what to send! But you are what is going to make this a success!!! :)

We Need Your States POSTCARDS!!!

Please start gathering some fun, decent! state postcards and writing a little message on them to the troops and putting them in a envelope to me and I will be putting them in the treat boxes each time, what a great way to lift their spirits and make them feel like they are back at home! But we have to have your help!! So start looking for those postcards and mailing them to me in an envelope! :)

Only with your Help with this TreatBox For Troops Be a Big Sucess, All you out there will be my helpers in this and the Troops are the ones that need us!!  We can't let them down!!  When you think of what you are doing, think of this.............................................. A smile on their face from the things you made possible in the treatboxes!
  The Lord has done great things for us!
We are glad! Psalm 126:3